Tax Prep Packages:

  • Declarations of Foreign Corporations and other Foreign Holdings - Private Price Consultation
    - Ideal for clients with foreign corporations, trusts, real estate, or other financial assets required special attention to detail
  • Basic Offshore Filing - €150
    - Basic 1040
    - Foreign Earned Income Credit - Form 2555
    - Foreign Tax Credit - Form 1116
    - Mandatory Healthcare Exemption - Form 8965
    - Foreign Bank Account Declaration - FinCEN Form 116
  • Self-Employed Offshore Filing - €175
    Everything included in Basic Offshore Filing, plus:
    - Self-Employment Tax - Schedule SE
    - Social Security Exemption Request Form - Form US D/101
    - Profit or Loss from Business - Schedule C
    NOTE: Itemized deductions cost an additional €25

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures for Past Years

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures for Past Years Dealing with the American tax system can be a daunting task - the paperwork, rules, and regulatiuons can make it complicated filing from overseas even if you have little or nothing to report. Furthermore, many Americans do not realize that they must continue to pay taxes even if they are no longer living in the United States. Failure to do so can lead to fines and penalties of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Luckily the IRS has instituted a new system that streamlines the process for taxpayers who have failed to file while living abroad, known as the Foreign Offshore Streamlined Procedure. By using the procedure to file returns for previous years, you can avoid the fees and get up to date on your taxes with minimal hassle. The only proviso is that the failure to file was unintentional, and you can file and have your past year's returns evaluated as though they had been turned in on time.

I can complete past years tax returns, complete with the correct tax rates and date accurate forms, for the same price as a tax prep package for this year.