Corporation Kick-Start Package

Our corporate kick-start package, designed to help companies get established in the United States, includes complete registration and tax information, as well as useful forms and important advice for how to keep your business running smoothly in the U.S..


Available for California corporations

There are many steps to setting up a viable corporation for operation in the United States, and a well planned and stable corporate structure is essential to long-term success. Beyond simple corporate formation, we provide help understanding the benefits and drawbacks of different corporate structures and the responsibilities of a corporation once it is formed, as well as forms for dealing with founders, investors, and employees. Please contact me for a free initial consultation to determine whether this service is something you or your company may need.

Complete set-up of your corporation in the United States:


  • Reservation of a corporate name

  • Preparation and filing of either California or Delaware Certificate of Incorporation

  • File request for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service

  • File qualification to do business as a foreign corporation in the state where you will conduct business (if applicable)

  • Selection of Registered Agent

  • Preparation of Bylaws

  • Preparation of Certificate of Secretary

  • Preparation of Organizational Board Consent regarding organization and corporate governance matters

  • Preparation and organization of corporate records and minute book

  • Preparation of Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement for up to four Founders

  • Preparation of 83(b) elections for Founders


  • Prepare form of Indemnification Agreement for founders and officers

  • Prepare form for Stock Option Agreement

  • Prepare form for Stock Issuance Agreement

  • Prepare form for Technology Transfer Licenses

  • Prepare form for Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreements

  • Prepare forms for Unilateral and Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Memorandum regarding Trademark issues for new company

In addition to these services, we provide up to two hours of consultation on topics of your choice such as employment, real estate, intellectual property, venture capital and/or angel investor term sheets, private placement memorandums, fund raising, and business plans, or negotiating, reviewing, drafting, and execution of other business or personal related agreements.


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